These World-known Companies Are Best for Using Explainer Videos in Business

Explainer Videos in Business


Using an animated explainer video in a presentation or just as a part of your business website is a great tool that can help you promote a product, explain a complex idea or even promote your business as a whole. A lot of business owners have already realized that this is the case and a lot of them are using these animated explainer videos and in this article we will introduce you to a few of those companies and how they use them to benefit their businesses.



IKEA launched a tool that is meant to help its staff meet customer’s expectations and help make the whole process of finding the perfect home décor even easier. The mobile app is a great way for the IKEA team that is on the floor to locate items, find the best match according to what the customers want and in some cases even create solutions on the go. The company created a great animated video that uses some great motion graphics as well as excellent music and sound effects that really has the ability to showcase the app, how it is used and what its benefits are.



Microsoft came out with something called The Microsoft Cloud which represents a secure solution that can listen, learn and predict the data and then turning it into actionable insight that enhances different types of business opportunities. It brings you some world-class reliability as well as great performance that is combined with data residency to regulated industries, government departments as well as other businesses. The people at Microsoft crated a great 2D animated video explainer that will help you see exactly how the Cloud provides you with an infrastructure that is both agile and responsive.



IBM presented its Cloud Security that enables your business to really innovate and improve defenses as well as improve risk. The data security on the Cloud is top priority to the people at IBM regardless of whether the cloud is on-premises in your business offices, off-premises or a hybrid. Their video is a great example of how animated explainer videos can be used in a way to really demonstrate what the company can do, in this case their video explains to customers how the cloud security they offer is managed on a whole new level than what they’ve seen before.

Animation is always a good way to explain something, especially a topic that is more complex or a product that is more difficult to understand, in a way that is fun and engaging for the audience that is watching those animated explainer videos. Make sure you know exactly which points you want to accentuate because that is one of the key rules to creating a great explainer video that will really work.