Tools for Making Beautiful Explainer Videos

Tools for Making Beautiful Explainer Videos


If you are planning on making explainer videos but lack the budget or equipment to shoot a professional one then there are still tools available that can help any amateur create the best quality explainer videos. The tools tell you how to make explainer videos with an artistic touch so you will be able to attract more viewers and subscribers. A description of the best tools available is given in this article.



PowToon is a powerful tool that helps creates animations and animated videos in no time at all. The system has setting for personal, educational and professional content that creates vibrant explainer videos for any type of product or situation. The animations can either be exported directly to YouTube or saved as an mp4 file. Several people can collaborate on the same project and the software also has an extended library of music, animation characters and dynamic backgrounds. You can also add live action videos and implement the animated film on them. The tool comes with a monthly plan of at least $19 per month.   



The Animaker tool helps you create videos through an interface that is similar to any other video editing software. It is easy to use and has many 2-dimensional cartoons and infographics available. Animaker has the drag and drop function and you can use the timeline to create a seamless explainer video. The business plan is also available at $49 per month which allows businesses to create full-length HD videos using their massive library of charts, props, characters, sound effects, custom fonts and animated maps. The business plan also provides you with the commercial rights to any project you create through the tool.



Biteable is available for only an annual fee of $99 and it has the simplest video editing interface. The results produced from this software are presentable and the creation process is alright.  It has all the pieces needed to create the best explainer video in only a few minutes. There are not many controls provided which is what makes it easier to understand and use for most people. There are many royalty-free music bites available in the software’s library which includes guitar riffs, sound effects and melodies. You can the tool to add text, animation and characters to the video to make it look more appealing and professional.