Things to Know When Starting a YouTube Channel

Things to Know When Starting a YouTube Channel


Starting a YouTube is the easiest step and it only takes a few minutes to set up the account. If you already have a YouTube account and do not know how to proceed then there are a few helpful pointers that will help you get the most out of your channel. This will help you bring in more subscribers and viewers for each explainer video.

Upload an Attractive Profile Picture

When someone visits the channel for the first time the first thing they notice is the profile picture and cover photo. If the picture is enticing it will convince them to stay a while longer and explore your videos. The goal is to impress the visitor and get them intrigued. It is important to use a proper picture that depicts what your channel is about. The size and proportions of the image should fit the requirements of the channel. And not only should this adjust for desktop screens but must also fit for the mobile and tablet versions of the channel.

Choose an Appropriate Channel Name

One other thing that should be considered when creating a new explainer videos YouTube channel is selecting a unique URL that is also memorable. It should inform the viewer on what the channel is about and also help you create a URL that you can link to other websites. When appearing in search results the channel will appear better if it has catchier name that is legible. It is important to put some thought into the name because once it is set then you will be stuck with the URL and you cannot change. Therefore, you should come up with a name that is proper and appears in search results. 

Be Discoverable

Most of the time people use keywords to carry out searches on the internet. This is the key to success but you have to put yourself in the viewer’s shoes and try to think of the things they will be searching for when adding relevant tags. The proper keywords will help you stand out amongst the competition. These can be added on the advanced setting pages and they help the viewers find your videos easily when using the search function. The keywords should be relevant to the content you are producing and not have fake click-bait tags such as “free coupons” or similar words.