4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing Music for Your Explainer Videos

If you’re a YouTube enthusiast, you know that explainer videos or any other kind of video come with some background music. Background music plays a substantial role in the video. It can amplify the brand message and dictate the overall nuance and emotion in the entire video. It’s not a stroll in the park to choose the right music for your product explainer videos, more so in this day and age where the internet is littered with every kind of music.  That’s why we’ve taken the time to give you a rundown of the questions to answer when faced with the decision to choose the right music for your explainer videos:

What is the purpose the music for your explainer videos?

The first thing you need to determine before choosing a track for your explainer videos is what the music is supposed to do for your explainer videos. Should the music amplify your brand message? If yes, then too much music won’t serve that purpose. In fact, it would ruin the purpose of the video and probably scare viewers away. If you want your audience to focus on your brand message fully, for instance, if your agenda is to inform consumers on how to use a certain product, it would be wise to use subtle music. The music should synchronize with your voiceover and message. It should not overpower your voiceover. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a disturbing video that increases abandonment. If you truly want your explainer videos to evoke an emotional response in your viewers, chose the music that aligns with your target demographic. For instance, if you want your explainer videos to evoke a sense of joy, opt for upbeat music, as opposed to slow and mellow kinds.

What level of sound do you want for the music for your product explainer videos?

Video editing experts will tell you that good background music is one that is hardly heard by viewers when watching your explainer videos. That simply means that when you have a voiceover in your explainer videos, the music should not overpower it or interrupt it. In the same vein, if you’re looking to have any narration in your explainer videos, desist from implementing background music with vocals. The reason is that two vocals can confuse each other.

Does your chosen music synchronize with other sounds in the explainer videos?

When choosing background music for your explainer videos, it should be dynamic. For instance, if you’re making an explainer video, you will have to include pauses in the narration or voiceover. In pausing scenarios, you can increase the volume of the background a bit to neutralize the void left by the voiceover. Just make sure that the background music doesn’t, in any way, interfere or interrupt the voiceover. In an explainer video or any other video, the voiceover is a priority sound. Ideally, you should be adjusting the volume of the background music depending on the voiceover. But even when the voiceover is pausing, the background music volume should never exceed that of the voice over.

How about music copyright issues?

Many people going online to search for music for their explainer videos almost always have no idea who owns the music. You should be very careful when using any music in your explainer videos because if you violate copyright issues, your explainer video may be taken down or punitive penalties levied against you. Make sure you read the copyrights about any video you choose for your explainer video. Better yet, you can leverage websites that offer royalty-free music.


The bottom-line is background music is critical to any video whether for commercial or private use. But the content always reigns supreme. So ensure that when adding music to an explainer video, it shouldn’t be louder than the narration or voiceover.