How to watch VR Porn on your iPhone

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How to watch VR Porn on your iPhone

With the prevalence of iPhones today, it doesn’t surprise that the preferred way of watching VR porn is also iPhones. Unfortunately Apple make it a a lot bit harder to make the VR porn watching experience work. The iPhone unfortunately doesn’t have a dedicated VR device for itself. However all is not lost, if you’re wondering How to watch VR Porn on your iPhone we’re here to help!:

To start off with this, not every iPhone will do when it comes to this, VR porn requires some rather intense hardware, so only the iphone 6 and above are really reliable ways to access VR pornography. This is due to the lower resolution on the lower end phones.
Next, you need a VR headset, thankfully there’s quite a few of these, you can either go for something extremely cheap like Google Cardboard, or blow your wallet out on the Oculus Rift, in either case the requirements will be met.

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Now thirdly, and most likely most obviously, you’ll need to find the videos you need, for example using the virtualrealporn app. This will let you get full length VR porn for no cost. Now you’ll also need a player compatible with the format of the VR porn video, though iPhones have this by default, so you probably won’t need to download any of those.

Despite this, getting an app for this should still be what you do, because while the iphone itself might be able to get the VR porn going, there are also free apps that you KNOW will get it going, which makes it a much safer alternative. That’ll also let you make sure you’re getting the best and smoothest possible viewing experience for your porn. It’ll also have the perk of being able to navigate the interface while the headset itself is on your head.

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Now to actually watch the porn, simply get to your website, click the icon depicting a headset and let the website calibrate on the headset that you’re using, this’ll give you by far the best watching experience of the porn, and after that, just sit back, relax and enjoy the VR porn streaming straight off your phone.

Generally, the myth that iPhones are impossible for VR content is quite misinformed, as iPhones are more than capable of showing VR porn videos on themselves, however it gets perpetuated on and on as a pro of Android phones, which is false. Although the setup itself is more gimmicky, watching VR porn off your iPhone is by no means more difficult or less quality than using an android.
With that said, we hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and that it comes in handy next time you fire up that Oculus!